What is Zero on Stuff?

So there. I did it. I asked the question. What is this blog about? Well, I suppose at this point I don’t really know. Inevitably, given my unfocused nature, it will be about many things – mostly things that I enjoy doing and the random nonsense that usually finds its way into my consciousness.

With that being said (God, I hate that overused “I don’t know how else to continue a thought, because I never read a single summer reading book in my life, and I watch way too much reality television” phrase), it’s only fair that I give antecedence as to what kind of content one should expect from this log of my web antics.

One could, I suppose, expect interesting commentary on whatever video games I happen to be playing at the time. Yes, although I love video games, I have a terrible attention span for them and am never playing less than four at a time. One could also expect informative (and by ‘informative’ I mean completely biased and subjective) commentary on all things movie related. I am a huge movie freak and watch as many as possible. Every Saturday night, I make it a point to watch no fewer than 3 movies in a row. This weekly tradition will undoubtedly find regular representation on this soap box of mine.

One should not expect all movies, video games, books, music, etc., discussed here to be entirely current. My movie watching habits, especially, tend to be fairly ranging in not only release date, but genre. I will watch, and blog about, all movie archetypes – from sickeningly romantic comedies (I am married and am forced to watch them from time to time) to blood-drenched, terror-filled, rides to hell.

At any rate, that’s what the currently nonexistent readership of Zero On Stuff can expect. A whole lot of whatever the hell I feel like writing about. I hope all none of you enjoy!


~ by Zero on January 23, 2009.

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