Zero on World of Warcraft

There could be no more fitting theme for my first real post than World of Warcraft. Being that the content of this blog will largely revolve around what games I am playing at the moment, it seems only right that I start off with a post related to the game I have been playing pretty steadily for more than the last 4 years.

I play WoW. My wife plays WoW. My 6 year old daughter, on occasion, has been known to rock the world of a kobold or two. Currently, I am on what many WoW players should be familiar with – the “down-swing.”

I started playing vanilla WoW on launch day and was hooked thereafter. My wife and I ran a guild up to and through the launch of The Burning Crusade. A few months after BC, we, like a good number of other players, went through our first “down-swing.” We had run all of the content that was possible for us and our little guild of friends and family. If we hadn’t done it yet, there was little chance we were ever going to. Remember, going back to just a few months post BC’s release, even running Karazhan was like slamming your face on a wall of sharpened pencils for those in anything less qualified than a full time raiding guild; but then came content patches…

I don’t remember release dates or version numbers, just that things got steadily easier and more fun. No longer were our options which regular 5-man dungeon we would run, which of our 34 alts we would level, or power leveling our tenth profession in as many days. No. Now, we had daily quests, heroic dungeons that weren’t impossibly hard, rewarding PvP. That’s what I call (you guessed it) the “up-swing.”

All was well in the World… of Warcraft. For a time.

Then came our second “down-swing.” Which, incidentally was caused by the same frustrations as the first. Been there, done it all –  except for what portion (most of it) of the end-game was reserved for the super elite; which my wife and I, with our parental responsibilities, could never be a part of – nor were we sure we wanted to be. Then came Wrath of the Lich King.

That solved the problem, right? Well, yes, for most people. WoW’s second expansion was a huge success. Selling more than 2.8 million copies in its first day, WotLK was well received by critics and fans alike. My wife and I installed on release day with most everyone else and played pretty steadily for a good week or so (where our schedules allowed). But then we both began to lose interest. We couldn’t really put our fingers on it. While the rest of Blizzard’s loyal followers were swimming eagerly through new content, we floundered about, trying to decipher why we weren’t enjoying the new content – or maybe the game itself – as much as everyone else seemed to.

So that pretty much brings you all up to speed. While, both my wife and I (more so her) are back into playing WoW after a month or so hiatus. It is sparingly. Which, I actually enjoy a great deal. I took some time away to read a few books, play some console games (I now want to have babies with Metal Gear Solid 4), and catch up on some much needed movie watching. I’ve been through times where all I did was play World of Warcraft. Where movies I wanted to see fell by the wayside, where games were bought and played through only early stages before WoW pulled me back in. Let’s not even talk about the number books I have actually finished since I started playing WoW. I feel like now I have the perfect balance. I can stay up late questing with my wife on Fridays, and then not think about it for at least a few days, while I pour through episodes of Entourage on DVD or revisit some of those games that I never did get to play.

While the sheer amount of time I have invested into WoW over the last fours years makes it difficult to let go, I feel like now is the perfect time for me to start writing about the things I enjoy doing, because I think I have a new found appreciation for everything that is WoW and everything that is not.

~ Zero


~ by Zero on January 26, 2009.

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