Warhammer Online Live Expansion or Live Content Patch?

Today, EA Mythic announced their first “live expansion” for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, entitled Call to Arms. My initial impression was something of disappointment and disbelief. I mean, how is that EA Mythic can be close enough to an expansion after just four months that they are making a formal announcement? Yet, Blizzard took nearly two years to deliver The Burning Crusade, their first expansion to World of Warcraft. Then I read the handy dandy newsletter a bit closer…

It goes on to talk about the addition of new Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer careers, new RvR content, a new desert-themed dungeon, new specialty items, and a smattering of live events. This all seems like normal expansion type stuff. But then I started to wonder; what about new levels or new zones? Then the light bulb goes off. This isn’t an expansion at all!

It becomes clear to me after reviewing this announcement that what we are really talking about here is a content patch – similar to the major content patches that WoW has issued over the years. If you recall, Battlegrounds, Arenas, the PvP Honor System, numerous dungeons and raids, not to mention a plethora of graphical and interface changes were all made by Blizzard as “free” updates. However, I can only ever remember Blizzard announcing two expansions. Does referring to the new Call to Arms content addition as a “live expansion,” instead of a regular “expansion,” really mean anything to anyone else? Frankly, it confused me initially, and I can’t tell if this distinction in nomenclature will inevitably hype up this new content or hype down any real future expansion Warhammer Online may have.

If I were a customer of EA Mythic, I might just be irritated. Instead, I will simply continue to not regret my choice of passing on their game.

~ Zero Out


~ by Zero on January 29, 2009.

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